Hello everyone, and thanks for taking the time to visit our website. We are looking forward to seeing you at a show.
First of all, let me start by introducing the band. I am proud to take the stage with them each and every time we play a show.

This group of musicians come from so many musical backgrounds. Rarely does one see or hear such pure musical talent on a local or regional level. With well over 100 years of stage experience combined, Texas Heat delivers pure ear candy to even the most demanding music lovers. This is what makes Scott Bandy and Texas Heat one of the premier Modern Country bands on the East Coast of the United States today. 

On lead guitar is Mr. Billy Wright whose edgy yet flawless style takes the band's sound to the level of total bliss. When he hits the stage his unique sound keeps the lead section solid and tight. On bass guitar, Mr. Terry Cullum...Terry is one of the best bass players you will see on the club circuit (or anywhere else) and we are proud to say he is one of us. His thunderous bass sound rounds out the Texas Heat rhythm section. On drums is Mr. Jimmer Hannum, a seasoned veteran of the music business, Jimmer holds down the meter and brings a special groove to the group. And of course, you all know me...after all, you are my friends and that's why you're here, but just in case we haven't met yet, allow me to introduce myself . My name is Scott Bandy and I play acoustic and electric guitars and do most of the lead vocals. I hope you will enjoy our unique brand of hard thumpin' .. heart wrenchin'... foot stompin' tears in my beer dammit .... not so predictable ..... please don't leave me.... buckle warmin' .....gitter done...... ain't no fear in me neither by gawd .....outlaw country music!
Also, let me say thanks again to all of you who have helped and supported me through the years....all of who stood beside me and believed in me. You will never know how much it has all meant to me! You guys are the world to me....and the reason I keep going! God bless each and every one of you!

Thanks again everyone and God bless!

Scott Bandy and Texas Heat
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